‘Who Killed Malcolm X’: 5 Key Points From Episode Two: Straight Man In A Crooked Game

  1. We know that Talmadge Hayer was one of five assassins responsible and in charge of murdering Malcolm X. That’s because he says so later in an affidavit where he names four of the other killers. And works towards ensuring that the two suspects previously believed to have played a part in the assassination to be released: Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson.
  2. The relationship between Malcolm X and Nation of Islam Leader Elijah Muhammad started out as a father-and-son relationship.And one that overshadowed the relations between Elijah Muhammad and his own children. Malcolm was the only minister allowed to drive Elijah Muhammad’s car, Elijah Muhammad paid for Betty Shabbaz to go to nursing school. None of Elijah Muhammad’s children had it like that. And for that Malcolm was resented and feared by some of Elijah Muhammad’s own children.



Journalist with an affinity for all things ‘African Diaspora’ and Islam. You can @ me via adamaj.co.uk or twitter/@adamajmunu

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