From Harlem to Brixton: The extraordinary lives of Black Muslim women

A living legend

Abdul Khabeer officially started working on a web-based collection of digital artefacts related to her mother’s life in Autumn 2019. The project addresses Blackness, womanhood, and sisterhood within the Islamic community in the United States.

Black love, Islam, and sisterhood

Archiving stems from the larger practice of genealogy which has grown in popularity in the Americas, and particularly the US, among peoples of African descent since the 1970s. But the process is often marred because of the disruption to family lineages that came with the practice of chattel slavery.

Malcolm X and Black manhood

Certain moments of Amatul Haqq’s life are interwoven between the different parts of the exhibition. For instance, in the timeline, a video recording shows her explaining the impact the autobiography of Malcolm X had on her as an African-American Muslim growing up in New York.

On rebirth and reversion

Another Black Muslim in the US who is uncovering the history of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to one of the oldest Black Muslim communities in the United States, is Ali R. Abdullah, the founder of the Islamic Historical Society of North America (IHSONA), a group that documents the history of African-American Islam.



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